History Of Company

Success is a journey that has no end purpose to continue to provide the best work for a business solution.

That’s the definition of how are understand the meaning of a journey of success during our 16 years of work.

PT. Askara Internal which was founded in 1996 is a company engaged in general trading for the procurement of a wide range of industrial needs, both goods and services.

Based on a different business concept PT. Askara Internal Started the business by developing many of the variable value as the foundation for best business performance for the solution a business needs in an era of economic globalization and the competition is very competitive.

PT. Askara Internal with dedication for 16 years has tired to maintain a commitment to continue to maintain and improve professional standards of business performance in each business division with the integrity of a solid working team in the concept of internal management.

Until now we realize that during the 16 years step of the way we must continue to learn to know and understand what our customers need so we can always provide added value for all our performance. The process of running time can prove a quality-tested in an objective assessment. On the basis of it every step of our trip was the opportunity and the challenge becomes one of the variable value as the foundation to continue to improve and maintain the quality of our business.

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