Management Message

Message From The President Commissioner

It is a pride and honor for us to have the opportunity to introduce our business profile to you. We dedicate this opportunity to let you get the correct information about various things in our business activity.

PT. Askara Internal is a company engaged in general trading for the procurement needs of industry products and services that offer more comprehensive services.

When we decided to set up PT. Askara Internal in sixteen years ago, we started by creating a solution with a simple concept but it can improve business performance to optimal and reduce the likelihood of risk to the maximum effort. In this case we are always trying to improve human resources as a cornerstone of our business concept. For development of human resources is one of the business assets that are valuable to us.

From the beginning we started our business, we are committed to always maintain good relationship with our customers. Trust is the maintain foundation for building strategic partnership long-term sustainable and responsible.

it does not seem excessive if we are have a sense of pride that does not make us forget ourselves and our achievement are always grateful for work for 16 years. our experience over 16 years of work is a valuable asset, so we learned how to create, improve and maintain good grades to improve our quality.

In the end, we realize all of our capabilities and limitations so that we should always strive for what we say can not be more sweet slogans but can be measured by how we can run our business with the best and give their best performance for all our customers with all challenges, developments and market changes so fast and tight in free competition.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management, we thank profusely to customers who have collaborated and supported us during our 16 years of work.

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