Vision & Mission

Our Vision

How to see the quality of a business is very fundamental to our business. On the basis of the development of human resources a top priority in all our strategic planning.

Human resources are the most fundamental business assets to determine the quality of a business. for these things on every occasion we constantly strive to develop human resources to improve the performance of our business with many variable as the quality value-added value that can be relied upon to provide innovative solutions for each of our business trip.

Our Mission

What is the most pressing problems in the procurement needs of the industry? how to plan, calculate and analyze the solutions that are effective in deciding the choice on business policy? When this question is often present in the course of business, PT. Askara Internal been trying to prove to answer all these challenges.

PT. Askara Internal born and grow up with a strong dedication to providing the best practical solution for answering the most pressing issues in the procurement needs of industries, both goods and services.

In the end we realized how important it is to maintain our customer commitment to a mutually beneficial partnership with the basic principles : Speed (Service With a Quick & Right), Accuracy (Accuracy Quality Goods & Services In Accordance with Customer Demand), Compete (Price & Competing Service), Business Ethics (Sticking to Business Ethics)

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