Corporate Values

A. Corporate Culture

To ensure consistency & quality assurance benefit for customers, PT. Askara Internal always trying to improve the working professional who has added value to each business division to be cultivated on any business trip with the basic principles :

1. Service Excellent

always strive to provide excellent service, both to internal management and to customers.

2. Trustworthy

Always strive to be trustworthy in all business activities to provide the best solutions for our customers.

3. Accountable

Always Trying to be responsible for any settlement of the problem.

4. Team Work

Always trying to make a good cooperation to achieve the best solution.

5. Integrity

Always strive to uphold the integrity.

6. continous learning

Always trying to learn how to improve business performance with science and good experience.

7. Compete

Always trying to compete to provide the best performance for a business solution.

8. Proactive

Always try to proactively provide the best business performance.

9. Passion

Always seek the passion to face all challenges, opportunities and changes in circumstances.

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