Product & Service

01.Automotive Rubber Products.

Cover, Boot, Bushing, Band Rubber, Rubber Compound, Rubber Cushion, Dumper, Fuel Tank, Grommet, Rubber Mounting, Packing, Protector, PAD Rubber, Socket, Rubber Shield, O-Ring, Rubber Component for Automotive OEM products

02.Automotive Plastic Products.

Bobbin, Clip, Connector, Cover, Dummy Plug, Electric Box, Fuse Case, Electrical Holder, Protector, Reflector, Sleeve, Under Case, Plastic component for Automotive OEM products.

03.Automotive Metal Products.

A wide range of components essential to the automotive industry such us : Metal Stamping, Auto Parts & Accessories, OEM products as requested.

04.Automotive Tools Set.

Industrial Mechanics Hand Tools, Power Tools, Tool Boxes, Shop Equipment & Tools of productions suck as : Jig Board, Warehouse Table, Machinery support table as requested.

05.Mechanical & Electrical Service.

Mechanical Equipment Repair, suck as : Trolley, Hydraulic System, Hand Lift, Forklift, etc. Electrical Installation and Maintenance.

06.Office Supply.

Stationery & Office Suppliers, Files & Accessories, Paper & Plastic Products, Electronics & Computer Accessories, Desktop Stationery & Printer, Fax, Copier Accessories.

07.Transportation Solution & Maintenance.

Transportation & Logistic Solution for Industries & Vehicle Maintenance.

08.Information Technology Equipment Supply.

Hardware & Software procurement, Networking Solution, IT Maintenance.

09.Medical Equipment Supply (affiliated to PT. Askara Medical Indonesia).

Medical Rehabilitation Suppliers, Pharmacy Equipment, Rapid Test, Nebulizer, Fetal Doppler, Medical Supplies & Miscellaneous.

10.Fertilizer Products (affiliated to PT. Persada Pupuk Indonesia).

NPK with various formulation products, Farming Organic Fertilizer, Mineral & Vitamin products for Agriculture.

11.Building Maintenance Service.

Building Maintenance (Drawwing Preparation, Design Project Development, Project Consultant, Plumbing, Roof, Floors, Walls) & Air Conditional Procurement, Maintenance & Repair.

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